Sea life jewelry, Dolphin Jewelry, Nautical Jewelry, Conch Jewelry, Palm Tree Jewelry, Starfish Jewelry, Sand Dollar Jewelry, Windsurfer Jewelry, Atocha Treasure Coins, Scallop Jewelry, Octopus Jewelry, Mermaid Jewelry, Merman Jewelry, Crab Jewelry, Orchid Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Black South Seas Pearls, Coral Jewelry, Anchor Jewelry, Ship's Wheel Jewelry, Dagger Jewelry, Key Lime Jewelry, Butterfly Jewelry, Treasure Coin Replicas, Neptune Jewelry, Lobster Jewelry, Shark Tooth Jewelry, Seahorse Jewelry, Mariner's Crosses, Maltese Crosses, Lion Jewelry, Frog Jewelry, Turtle Jewelry, Loggerhead Jewelry, Pelican Jewelry, Pineapple Jewelry, Hibiscus Jewelry, Bat Jewelry, Treasure Chain Jewelry, Spanish Shipwreck Jewelry, Pirate Rings and Skull Rings, South Seas Pearls Jewelry, Sea Life Engagement Rings, Dolphin Wedding Bands, One Day At A Time Jewelry.

Jewelry available as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, cuff links, and tie tacks.

 All original hallmarked copyrighted designs made in Key West, Florida by Whitfield Jack

"Whitfield Jack Genius" and the accompanying hallmark are proprietary trademarks of Whitfield Jack Genius, Inc. of Key West, Florida





























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